Limp Wrist


3 tables, 54 C-prints,  HD-video 1 mins (loop), wax, x-ray, archival documents and facsimile. 
One common result of limp wristing is a failure  to eject, as the slide will be moving too slowly at the point where the ejector is activated[…]

In Limp Wrist, documentation and indexing are used as performative acts to trace the origins of the term ‘Limp Wrist’. With three large tables as a stage set I combine materials like; text, photographic documentations and objects from a queer/hispanic hardcore band, material from a military context declaring how to deal with an inability to fire a gun, with a suite of reenacted/restaged photographs based on portraits of people related to an extended queer/feminist field. An inherent normative linguistic history reveals itself, and a more multifaceted meaning of the expression ‘Limp Wrist’. is uncovered.

Limp Wrist consists of four different parts: Becoming, Instruction, Rage and the short film sequence Room 217 in the Morning.

 ©MMXIV Conny Karlsson Lundgren